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Annual Maintenance & inspections

Has your fireplace been annually inspected? Your gas fireplace has a life expectancy of around 20 years but thats only with proper maintenance. Maintenance is important sue to the high cost of replacement 6-10k or more! Just because your fireplace is working that doesnt mean it is operating safely. Be safe when burning gas.

Includes complimentary gas leak test with every service. We clean the glass, burner, pilot, check pressures and voltages during this thorough service


Commercial & Residential Service

Our NFI certified team is prepared to diagnose any issues or concerns you may be having with your fireplace. Your fireplace should be serviced annually per manufacturer recommendation. Over time dirt can build up causing clogs, bad sensor readings, non start up and more. Be safe and have your fireplace serviced annually.

We service all of the top commercial brands including Davinci, Montigo, HHT & more

We service all of the top residential brands including Heat N Glo, Heatilator, Superior, Majestic, Mendota, Regency, Napoleon, Enviro, Monessen, Real Fyre: RH Peterson, Astria & more


We do not sell fireplace currently, however, we will install your unit that you purchase and can assist you in finding the right fireplace for you're home if you have'nt quite found the right one. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to recommend the right unit for you.


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