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Maryland's best choice for gas fireplace repair

Frequently asked questions

 How often should my fireplace be serviced?

For gas fireplaces manufacturers recommend annually
For wood and pellet fireplaces 1-2 times per year or 2 cords/2 tons

How long will it take to service my fireplace?

From arrival to exit 1.5 hours average

Do you check for gas leaks?

Yes. All accessible pipes and fittings at the unit will be checked.

Do you clean the glass?

Yes. Streak free.

How much is your service? 

$235 for most cleanings, sweeps and inspections. Prices can vary.

How can i get on the schedule?

For the easist appoinment use our convenient online booking 24/7

Call our office Monday - Friday (8am-5pm) at 410.805.7159

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